Thursday, 22 September 2011

500+Dog Con at the large shelter

One of the best tools in Dana Costins box of tricks to convince donors to give up their hard earned money, is to project the image when fundraising that she/Rolda is caring and financially responsible for 500+ dogs.At other times when it suits her agenda she will openly state that the large shelter is solely funded by Arcelor Mittal.The actual truth is that Arcelor Mittal (one of the most successful steel companies in the world and the largest employer in Galati) pays for EVERYTHING for the so-called “ROLDA Second Shelter” aka “ROLDA Large Shelter”, and we mean everything. ALL the dog Food, ALL veterinary care including neuter and spay, ALL building works, ALL employees salaries, ALL the costs to purchase a van and it’s gasoline, etc, EVERYTHING!!!! Dana Costin manages the shelter. Whether she receives a salary or not is unclear as on a continual basis she swaps and changes her statements from being an “employee” to “volunteer”.
The reality is that Dana as the founder of Rolda is financially responsible for the dogs at her small Rolda shelter a few miles down the road from the larger shelter. At this Rolda shelter (the one that doubles as her private pension/boarding kennels for pay) there is a maximum capacity for 60 dogs, for the most part and dogs that arrive at this Rolda shelter are usually taken from the large Arcelor Mittal funded shelter, having had all their veterinary treatment beforehand paid for by Mittal. Leaving absolutely nothing for Rolda to pay for barring one caretaker at the small Rolda shelter who would be paid an average Romanian wage of not more than $300 a month.
Dana does not even to buy food for the dogs at the Rolda shelter as Dana takes what food is needed for the Rolda shelter from the food supplies at the larger Mitall shelter.  (see Chrissy Phillips testimonial)

And, if you don’t believe us, then maybe you will believe what Dana Costin has stated herself
Dana Costin FB 2011 – ” I am NOT Mittal employee I am volunteer for Foundation. I take no salary from working with and for dogs!Mittal sponsored the large shelter facility (building), as well as the daily costs like food, salaries for workers, vet treatments and sterilizations.Mittal doesn’t sponsor the Adoption Center, this is kept “alive” and in function from donations coming from private supporters”

Dana Costin, aka Rolda asking for donations for the 500 dogs that are already paid for by Mittal
Rolda August Newsletter
Sponsor a large shelter rolda dog

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