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Rolda’s attempt to con Gatehunder fra Romania group out of $223,929.85 for land claiming Robert Smith is advising her how to run a natural shelter

Subscribers to this site will be more than aware of Dana Costin’s experience of conning hundreds of thousands of dollars out o people under the pretence the money will be used to buy land to benefit the strays of Romania.
Well here is undeniable proof that Dana has resurrected this con in the form of trying to persuade the good hearted people of the Norwegian group Gatehundre fra Romania to part with $223,929.85 of their hard earned money.
After listening to Dana’s spiel, quite rightly a group member suggested that she would need experience at running a natural shelter. To ease any concerns of this potential donor, Dana blatantly lied using the respected and trusted name of Robert Smith stating categorically that “Robert Smith you mean, he is helping me with advices before ROLDA be a registered charity. Of course I will learn everything for this while the funds are start to be raised”.  .
Unfortunately for Dana Costin, Mr Smith himself knows nothing of this. When he was contacted enquiring of this alleged callaboration between him and Dana, well…You can read for yourself what his reply was.For over a month now Dana Costin has been pleading with the Norwegians to set up a Norwegian charity for ROLDA.  Here she is seen as deliberately misleading people into believing something that is simply not true.

Please see below for a direct screen print capturing Dana Costin working her latest con on the Norweigans, Mr Smiths response to what she blatantly claimed and click here afterwards to be forwarded to the causes page where ROLDA is instrumenting this same con also on the public

— On Wed, 2/29/12, Romania Animal Rescue <romaniadogs@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
From: Romania Animal Rescue <romaniadogs@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Re: ROLDA
To: “Robert Coates Smith” <robertcoatessmith@mailme.ae>
Cc: “Antonia Craciun” <zorile2000@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 6:25 AM
Thanks for the info Robert.  The 500 dogs that you speak of are actually at the ArcelorMittal shelter that ROLDA only manages.  AM built that shelter and funds everything, although Dana has pretended she needed donations for those 500 dogs.  This is the kind of con stuff that she does Robert.
She is not interested in the welfare of the animals….she stole 60,000 British pounds from a man in the UK pretending she needed that money to purchase land.  It turns out she did purchase land, but it only cost $1400.
She does use the dogs as pawns to get money.  The reason she finally started purchasing dog food from you is because a number of us did an expose’ about her proving that she was not doing as she claimed.  The expose’, www.wheredidmydonationgo.org, came out in late August.  Since that time she has started doing things like ordering dog food for the dogs, instead of feeding them stale chocolate croissants.  Although she has known how to order food for her dogs from FPCC for a long time, as Chrissy told her long ago, she only did if after she was exposed.
Thanks for your information Robert.  Best to you as always!Sincerely,
Nancy Janes
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
8000 Morgan Territory Rd
Livermore, CA 94551; Telephone 925-672-5908
TAX ID – 72-1546354
Neuter or Spay – No More Strays!— On Wed, 2/29/12, Robert Coates Smith <robertcoatessmith@mailme.ae> wrote:
From: Robert Coates Smith <robertcoatessmith@mailme.ae>
Subject: Re: ROLDA
To: “Romania Animal Rescue” <romaniadogs@sbcglobal.net>
Cc: “Antonia Craciun” <zorile2000@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 1:15 AM
Dear Nancy,
No she is not in contact with me and I know nothing about this. Antonia (to whom I am copying this) mentioned that we are supplying dogfood to Rolda and that so far they have paid us correctly for the dogfood. Stefan (Antonia’s husband) has seen Dana’s shelter with about 500 dogs which are in good condition.
However Dana did not bother to visit our open shelter when she came to Oradea a couple of years ago – she is always making excuses to avoid me, not that I have any wish to deal with her. So she has never even been to our open shelter.
I think you are right in fearing she is again conning people. No doubt she thinks she is doing this for the cause of animal welfare, but I dislike this fundraising obsession as much as you do – one fears the dogs are pawns in her money-raising campaigns.
Rgds Robert
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 9:19 AM
Subject: ROLDA
Hi Robert,
Dana Costin is asking for over 1 million Norwegian kronen from unsuspecting people to build a “natural dogs shelter”.  she says she is in close contact with you and you are advising her.  I don’t believe her as she is claiming to purchase the land in another county away from Galati.  Are you working with her on this…advising her?  I think she is conning again.  Thank you.
Nancy Janes
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
8000 Morgan Territory Rd
Livermore, CA 94551; Telephone 925-672-5908
TAX ID – 72-1546354
Neuter or Spay – No More Strays!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another wholly slanderous statement by Dana Costin after being prewarned about the construction of this site

Dana’s “Who Really Hurts Romania Dogs” Slanderous Site

Dana’s latest slanderous blog
In this blog you can clearly see that Dana Costin accused Nancy Janes and Romania Animal Rescue of not going to Ficucia shelter to provide free spay neuter for the dogs.  Romania Animal Rescue spayed/neutered 144 dogs at Fiducia, free of charge on September 5 and 6.
Please see the supposed document from the Judicial Ministry of Romania.   You can see that the first paragraph of this letter has deliberately been covered by Dana Costin.   What is Dana Costin covering up so that you will not see this information?   Possibly that Livia Brenner has had the legal Power of Attorney for RARF since its inception?  RAR is now getting the REAL and undoctored letter from the Judicial Ministry and will post it here when it is received.  Nancy Janes resigned from RARF in August of 2010.   The letter of resignation was mailed and received by Livia Brenner, the legal representative of RARF.   Romania Animal Rescue and RARF had a difference of opinion in what the priorities for the charities works would be.  RAR wanted to do more spay/neuter, while RARF wanted to do more adoptions.

Danas Lies – Costin hangs herself with her own lies time and time again

“To be a good liar, you need to have a good memory” From the evidence on this site most of which has been screen captured from Danas own site, or from messages she herself has added to Facebook etc it is clear Dana certainly is proficient at lying, but when she is throwing a hissy fit or promoting yet another appeal it is also clearly obvious her memory is not that great. Time and again she will contradict herself, yet until now only a few people have bothered to notice or dared to show the contradictions for all to see.

The cons,the lies,the manipulation is all here for everyone to see.This is nothing new for Dana, she continually slips up,but sometimes it is hard to notice the lies and contradictions amongst the sob stories that she fills her pages with…..Well, not anymore it isnt!
MITTAL COLLABORATION- For years Dana Costin has appealed for donations for the “Large ROLDA shelter”, or “Second ROLDA shelter”.  Appeals for food,appeals for building work, appeals for neuter and spay…all collected for the large shelter that hold 500-600 dogs.   In matter of fact, Arcelor Mittal not only built the shelter in 2007, they also have been covering all expenses for these 500 – 600 dogs and the employees ever since.   They have even supplied a van for the dogs’ transport…….
From Dana Costin:
” I am NOT Mittal employee I am volunteer for Foundation. I take no salary from working with and for dogs!Mittal sponsored the large shelter facility (building), as well as the daily costs like food, salaries for workers, vet treatments and sterilizations.Mittal doesn’t sponsor the Adoption Center, this is kept “alive” and in function from donations coming from private supporters”
So,the question has to be, if the money donated for the care of the animals at the large shelter  has not gone for them, as  the large shelter has literally everything  paid for by Arcelor Mittal, where the heck has all the money gone that hundreds if not thousands of people have donated?
Quote from Dana Costin “Nancy Janes knew I was claiming for personal items!” Problem is, if we are to believe this, then why did Dana state to Merrit on the 24th May 2006 the following:
“Is everything clear and understood by everyone?! Above all,NO MONEY was used for personal purpouses.I don’t need any of dogs’money and I don’t have even time to spend any money anyway”

Click here to view the personal items bought by Dana with the Strays donation fund money
I think we can safely assume that everyone is very clear and understands whats been going on Dana!

Dana’s False Accusation of Forgery

Now this is very interesting how Dana came upon such alleged information…There was indeed a court case against back in 2006.The alleged crime of forgery was meant to have been committed around 2004 (nearly 8 years ago). No doubt you have read about what was supposedly meant to have happend, this has been what Dana thinks is her biggest trump card to use. Incidently this card was handed to her by one of her collaborators, the same one who handed to her private emails between the persons who have provided the evidence contained within this site, also someone who themselves have directed people to towards Rolda’s donate buttons!

In short, it was a case of 3 people’s word against 1.The accused’s barrister advised her (wrongly) that if a guilty plea was not entered, because it was a case of 3 against 1 that not only could prison be a possibility but because the accused was the only legal guardian of her then 6 year old severely disabled child, that it it was highly possible that if she stood her ground pleading not guilty and the judge believed the 3 against her single voice that her son could be taken into care. Effectively she would loose her child. However if she changed her plea to guilty she would only recieve a slap on the wrist and her son would be safe. This was a choice no mother should ever have to make, especially one who was innocent. So she did what any mother would do in that situation, she swallowed her pride and changed her plea to guilty.That is where the newspaper article came from, the one that Dana and her collaborators are relying on to prove supposedly what an awful person Kendra is, how corrupt and untrustworthy she is.
However, what they all deliberately and intentionally failed to mention in their joint smear and slander campaigns against Kendra is that 2 years after she pleaded guilty(never found guilty), because of new evidence and witnesses to her previous barrister advising her wrongly, she won her appeal and her name was cleared.
Now just think about it, how much pain,mental and emotional torture did Kendra go through for a period of 3 years knowing that she was innocent. She had to partly pay for her appeal which took her heavily into debt.
3 years on from when she was finally cleared,  a group of vicious, vile individuals, total strangers to her  who she is only aware of through Facebook decide they are going to dig into her life and make her relive one of the worst times of her life. To remember the horrific memories and emotions, the feelings of being targetted by a group of vile individuals, of her feeling totally defenceless, alone and scared.
This is what Dana and her group of gossip mongers and mud slingers did to Kendra. Dana did this because she was trying to get Kendra to back down and not help bring the truth about Rolda to light. The others did this because they were following their venomous leader, someone who hates Kendra because she holds different views and opinions than her own, due to the fact that Kendra refuses to give in to this person’s verbal bullying and stands against her when Kendra sees this being done to others by this person.
We are sure you will all agree that what happend to Kendra should have been allowed to stay in the past, she earnt that right 3 years ago. Most certainly she owes no one an explanation, especially complete strangers off of the internet. But she has posted the above letter purely to prove the evil that is Dana Costin.

Dana has recently tried to state that the letter from the lawyer does not prove anything and that it is a letter regarding payments...
1) The letter is in reference to a successful appeal in Dec
2) Unless you win a case you cant go for a costs order! 
3) You can only go for a costs order if you are the winning party.

The truth about the May transport, not the Costin lies

Please note as you read this that after the dogs were transferred into RAA care, only then were given correct protection from the elements, only then were they transferred into the correct individual and spacious cages, only then were they regulary exercised and fed.
Until this point Rolda dogs were transported in controvention to EU accepted standards!
After you have read the testimonial below and that of the testimonial of  Marilena Ganea who herself was there to recieve Rolda’s dogs in Bucharest to transfer them to the transport RAA has organised, you will clearly see who really cares for Romanian strays and who just views them as cattle!

Dear Ms. Tesselaar,
Through various sources we have heard you have serious concerns regarding the transportation from Romania of Sunday, May 29. We understand your concern and would be happy to reassure you. We were actually present in Heerlen and have seen the transport with our own eyes. We were there because Elisa had offered to help. The services were the same as for any foundation. We confirm we do not have any animal organization foundation whatsoever. The information you received is incorrect.
-Transport was fully compliant with European legislation
-The number of dogs was 26. Eg, 8 dogs from Rex Foundation, Maria Polman 5 dogs, 2 for Germany, 1 private in Holland and 10 dogs for the UK.
-The dogs were in proper cages. The dimensions were such that the dogs had sufficient freedom of movement, similar to air transportation conditions. Within the European legislation, there are no guidelines about the size required for the lofts. KLM airline has just described this.
-The bus was equipped with a moonroof of about 60/60 cm which was open
-In the back there was a ventilation system. This, combined with the open roof, provided continuous ventilation.
-The car was equipped with a thermometer- the temperature was 23 degrees.
-The pens were all provided with a kind of sawdust that provided an absorbent effect.
-The condition of the cages showed they had been cleaned frequently during the ride
-All animals were provided water and feed in the loft.
-In the bus there were large cans of water for the animals. (Which, at the request of the drivers, I complemented for the transport to the UK)
-The dogs for the UK had to be viewed by a DA who did not object further transport of the dogs.
-The animals were in good condition and there was no reason to believe that they would not survive during the travel to the UK.
-The dogs were not overheated
-All medical data (X-rays, etc.) from Romania were present. In addition, each dog had a European pet passport. Inspection showed me that the dogs had been vaccinated over a longer period.
- The drivers had a travel plan, I had this inspected. I noticed that several break points had been inserted. There was nothing illegal. The distribution of the dogs at the Mc to save a few is a totally ridiculous reasoning. As you can read, the European legislation does not tell how many animals may be transported. Furthermore, the drivers had to undergo a routine check with the German police during the transit in Germany. This verification of compliance with the European directive of animal transport allowed them to continue their journey.
Conclusion: The transport was in accordance with all guidelines. The individual actions of a single police officer in this case have led to great confusion. His action was contrary to the European law regarding this issue. From my legal background, I have taken the liberty to inform parties of the current legislation. So we hope that thanks to the contents of this e-mail your image and anxiety is properly adjusted.
Elisa and Haje Karmerood


Adopt Center, 27 May 2011, afternoon
Without prior notice to Flori and me 6 medium-sized dogs from the Large Shelter were brought. Its should take up the next morning her trip abroad. That meant dogs washing , brushing, cutting nails, clean ears and eyes, give worm tablet, with spot-on drizzle, marked a collar with name, mark kennel doors (for the men take the right dogs the next morning), if necessary castration snags stringing etc. Flori and me have already prepared accordingly 3 dogs that day, which should – and could – leave the next day. These new dogs also bring even more now in a passable condition, was impossible. Impossible also, because the dogs were not only untidy, but sometimes also a bit malnourished and contact-shy or timid. We couldn´t handle them. Flori tried at least one dog to pull the strings yet, but due to the resistance of the dog, it was impossible to cope. We tried to work together to help the dogs, but we did not realise how many of the dogs had thick stitches at all and the condition of the scar. Flori was desperate and began to cry in her helplessness. I comforted her as best I could, but was upset myself. I could not understand even to this day why these dogs were not brought earlier to Adopt Center and why they had to travel the next day.
Early the next morning employees of the steel company came with metal cages on an open truck and began to put the dogs into the cages. Five dogs were locked in one cage and only a very big dog got a cage on its own. The cages were placed on the open retail space and approximately 3.5-hour drive to about 250 km from Bucharest began.
I can confirm that the photos on this page of the open back truck were taken by me that morning.
Anja Stein – Ex -Volunteer at Rolda

Dana Threats

As you will see below the subject of Mr A really hits a nerve with Dana, and her reaction to stop the public finding out about her Big Con of this businessman