Thursday, 22 September 2011

Danas Lies – Costin hangs herself with her own lies time and time again

“To be a good liar, you need to have a good memory” From the evidence on this site most of which has been screen captured from Danas own site, or from messages she herself has added to Facebook etc it is clear Dana certainly is proficient at lying, but when she is throwing a hissy fit or promoting yet another appeal it is also clearly obvious her memory is not that great. Time and again she will contradict herself, yet until now only a few people have bothered to notice or dared to show the contradictions for all to see.

The cons,the lies,the manipulation is all here for everyone to see.This is nothing new for Dana, she continually slips up,but sometimes it is hard to notice the lies and contradictions amongst the sob stories that she fills her pages with…..Well, not anymore it isnt!
MITTAL COLLABORATION- For years Dana Costin has appealed for donations for the “Large ROLDA shelter”, or “Second ROLDA shelter”.  Appeals for food,appeals for building work, appeals for neuter and spay…all collected for the large shelter that hold 500-600 dogs.   In matter of fact, Arcelor Mittal not only built the shelter in 2007, they also have been covering all expenses for these 500 – 600 dogs and the employees ever since.   They have even supplied a van for the dogs’ transport…….
From Dana Costin:
” I am NOT Mittal employee I am volunteer for Foundation. I take no salary from working with and for dogs!Mittal sponsored the large shelter facility (building), as well as the daily costs like food, salaries for workers, vet treatments and sterilizations.Mittal doesn’t sponsor the Adoption Center, this is kept “alive” and in function from donations coming from private supporters”
So,the question has to be, if the money donated for the care of the animals at the large shelter  has not gone for them, as  the large shelter has literally everything  paid for by Arcelor Mittal, where the heck has all the money gone that hundreds if not thousands of people have donated?
Quote from Dana Costin “Nancy Janes knew I was claiming for personal items!” Problem is, if we are to believe this, then why did Dana state to Merrit on the 24th May 2006 the following:
“Is everything clear and understood by everyone?! Above all,NO MONEY was used for personal purpouses.I don’t need any of dogs’money and I don’t have even time to spend any money anyway”

Click here to view the personal items bought by Dana with the Strays donation fund money
I think we can safely assume that everyone is very clear and understands whats been going on Dana!

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