Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dana’s False Accusation of Forgery

Now this is very interesting how Dana came upon such alleged information…There was indeed a court case against back in 2006.The alleged crime of forgery was meant to have been committed around 2004 (nearly 8 years ago). No doubt you have read about what was supposedly meant to have happend, this has been what Dana thinks is her biggest trump card to use. Incidently this card was handed to her by one of her collaborators, the same one who handed to her private emails between the persons who have provided the evidence contained within this site, also someone who themselves have directed people to towards Rolda’s donate buttons!

In short, it was a case of 3 people’s word against 1.The accused’s barrister advised her (wrongly) that if a guilty plea was not entered, because it was a case of 3 against 1 that not only could prison be a possibility but because the accused was the only legal guardian of her then 6 year old severely disabled child, that it it was highly possible that if she stood her ground pleading not guilty and the judge believed the 3 against her single voice that her son could be taken into care. Effectively she would loose her child. However if she changed her plea to guilty she would only recieve a slap on the wrist and her son would be safe. This was a choice no mother should ever have to make, especially one who was innocent. So she did what any mother would do in that situation, she swallowed her pride and changed her plea to guilty.That is where the newspaper article came from, the one that Dana and her collaborators are relying on to prove supposedly what an awful person Kendra is, how corrupt and untrustworthy she is.
However, what they all deliberately and intentionally failed to mention in their joint smear and slander campaigns against Kendra is that 2 years after she pleaded guilty(never found guilty), because of new evidence and witnesses to her previous barrister advising her wrongly, she won her appeal and her name was cleared.
Now just think about it, how much pain,mental and emotional torture did Kendra go through for a period of 3 years knowing that she was innocent. She had to partly pay for her appeal which took her heavily into debt.
3 years on from when she was finally cleared,  a group of vicious, vile individuals, total strangers to her  who she is only aware of through Facebook decide they are going to dig into her life and make her relive one of the worst times of her life. To remember the horrific memories and emotions, the feelings of being targetted by a group of vile individuals, of her feeling totally defenceless, alone and scared.
This is what Dana and her group of gossip mongers and mud slingers did to Kendra. Dana did this because she was trying to get Kendra to back down and not help bring the truth about Rolda to light. The others did this because they were following their venomous leader, someone who hates Kendra because she holds different views and opinions than her own, due to the fact that Kendra refuses to give in to this person’s verbal bullying and stands against her when Kendra sees this being done to others by this person.
We are sure you will all agree that what happend to Kendra should have been allowed to stay in the past, she earnt that right 3 years ago. Most certainly she owes no one an explanation, especially complete strangers off of the internet. But she has posted the above letter purely to prove the evil that is Dana Costin.

Dana has recently tried to state that the letter from the lawyer does not prove anything and that it is a letter regarding payments...
1) The letter is in reference to a successful appeal in Dec
2) Unless you win a case you cant go for a costs order! 
3) You can only go for a costs order if you are the winning party.

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