Thursday, 22 September 2011

$98,466 con – in fraudulent land deal under the pretence of land for the strays

Another victim of Dana Costins fraudulent activity was British businessman and big hearted animal lover donator who we will call for privacy purposes Mr A. He believed he was helping the dogs when he donated $98,484.00 after Dana told him he would be buying land on which to build a shelter for the dogs. Little did he know he was being conned.  Dana Costin in actual fact spent just  $1,312 (approx) buying a cheap piece of land from her boyfriend. The dogs would never get to see a penny of that money and it never appeared on the 2006 audit.
Dana Costin pockets $97,172.00 of the dogs money.
Mr A’s correspondence to his lawyer as he realises he has been a victim of a scam
Mr A’s lawyer writes to Dana Costin
Mr A’s visit to Veronica Former Rolda UK representative
Mr A voicing his concerns to yet another Rolda supporter
Rolda 2006 Audit
Statement of Actual Land Purchase for $1,312
Dana’s sinister threats, her reaction to people warning them not to mention the land fraud deal!

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