Thursday, 22 September 2011

Is everything clear and understood by everyone?

stray dog donations used to fund her lavish life style,oh as well as pay for parents bills!

Dana used thousands of animal funds to purchase personal items and help pay for her family’s bills.  Please see the documents section for a sampling.  (More receipts are available upon request; payment for shipping and  copying costs required).  When asked about claiming personal expenses from the money that was meant for the dogs, this was Dana’s statement to that accusation:
“Is everything clear and understood by everyone?!
Above all,NO MONEY was used for personal purpouses.I don’t need any of dogs’money and I don’t have even time to spend any money anyway.”

We want you to remember this when you look at the following. Keeping in mind that after Nancy started to pay a translator to go over the receipts Dana started cutting the list of items purchased off of the receipts, defacing them, crossing out her father’s name on the receipt, trying obviously to hide what was really bought.
For access to an example amount of receipts and documents ( we have 500+ that we havent added as been defaced or cut by Dana) please click here. In the meantime we have added just a few receipts and translations of them to give you an idea how Dana Costin spent the dogs money on herself and her parents like it was water, all this whilst the strays rot away in her kennels!

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