Thursday, 22 September 2011

Merrit refusing to send Nancy receipts to enable the cover-up of accountability for stolen donations

--- On Fri, 8/11/06, Merritt Clifton <> wrote:
From: Merritt Clifton <>
Subject: Re: Watch Dog
To: "Romania Animal Rescue" <>
Cc: "Kim Bartlett" <>
Date: Friday, August 11, 2006, 10:33 AM
> I think your article is misleading - and I believe you meant it to be that way. I went all out to
find frequent flyer miles for these vets, so the cost would be minimal. This should be a credit to
RAR, not listed as a failure. I do list this with the IRS Merritt. The difference is that we did not use
donor moneys - and you are trying to get the public to think we did.
Real cost means real value, not just monetary cost.
Accurate accounting is based on real value. If the real cost to donors is a combination of
goods, services, & money that adds up to $250 per surgery, that is what the surgeries cost to
> Can you send me the receipts since you seem to have them?
> I'm sure you know I need them for April and May for accounting purposes since Dana was
removing funds from the account then and I have no receipts to justify this.
Actually you don't need detailed receipts unless you are an auditor. Usually when one charity
transfers funds to another, the transaction is documented by a single receipt per transaction from
the receiving agency, with a statement as to what the money was spent for, not by individual
receipts for each individual purchase.
If you were requiring from Dana on a regular basis the extent of detail she sent me, you were
micro-managing her to death, & I am not surprised that she got sick of it.
Kim doesn't require anything like that from the overseas projects she funds, and I don't think
she would be very happy with anyone who sent her all of the nickel-&-dime receipts instead of just
line item totals.
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