Thursday, 22 September 2011

Merritt Clifton’s interest in Dana Costin

Unhealthy Infatuation with Dana Costin a woman half his age has Mr Clifton making seriously biased judgements
Dana and Merrit Clifton
Merritt Clifton – US Trustee/Secretary - started Romania League in Defense of Animals to support Dana Costin, fueled by his dreams and fantasies of him and Dana.
Merritt Clifton, Editor of the influential Animal People Newspaper, and self-proclaimed “Watch Dog” of international animal charities, first met Dana Costin in 2004. In 2005 Merritt and Dana had a secret rendezvous at the beach in Southern California during a CHAMPS conference whilst Dana’s partner Rolando was in the hotel room suffering from a terminal illness.
Merrit Clifton, another guy thinking with the wrong head!!!

Shortly thereafter Merritt and his wife divorced . Email evidence provides information that Merritt’s relationship with Dana Costin was the instigator for the ending of Clifton’s 15 year marriage.
In 2006, Merritt Clifton started the charity Romania League in Defense of Animals for Dana Costin as a 501 © 3 charity in the USA, being fully aware of the lack of accountability of ROLDA to Romania Animal Rescue.
Merritt withheld receipts from Romania Animal Rescue for funds that were to be submitted to them for ROLDA in early 2006. Merritt has inappropriately used his position at Animal People Newspaper to solicit donors for ROLDA, such as Nanette, a $20,000+ donor solicited by Clifton for Costin, and also used his “position of authority” at international conferences to promote ROLDA and Dana Costin.
Merritt’s assessment of the 2 ROLDA shelters in 2009 is not credible, as he has a conflict of interest as the ROLDA Trustee.   Was Merritt aware that the Large Shelter is fully funded by Arcelor Mittal?

Merrit Clifton and Dana Costin – The tunnel
Merrit is so pathetic
A wifes rightful response
Merrit Clifton defending Dana’s vile actions
Merrit again defending Dana’s lack of accountability
Merrit using Animal People contacts to benefit Dana   – A direct conflict of interest. Animal People statement: “ANIMAL PEOPLE is the leading independent newspaper providing
original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide,
founded in 1992. Our readership of 30,000-plus includes the
decision-makers at more than 10,000 animal protection
We have no alignment or affiliation with any other entity.”
Merrit again unethically solciting donors for Rolda and the Dana and Rolando porn fantasy!
Fake fantasy used to get donations
Dana admits fantasy untrue and has the audacity to state even registerd organisations scam money and is wrong to take the money from the dogs

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