Thursday, 22 September 2011

Testimonial of Mirela – Galati

Last year I have had some problems with Ecosal, the service of dog catchers in Galati. They took a dog I was caring for in the street… Anyhow, I purchased a house and was busy making renovations over winter. I had 3 big dogs I had rescued from Ecosal. In the meantime, another small female dog appeared in the street and I rescued it as well. I took her to Dr Gingarasu for spaying, during one of the free neutering campaigns. I thought all along Dr Gingarasu was providing this service, I did not know it was sponsored by Rolda. As I was waiting for the female dog to be done, in the waiting room of Dr Gingarasu’s vet practice, people there talked about  Rolda and this is how I found out Rolda was sponsoring the neutering campaign. Since I already had 3 big dogs with me, and this little female dog I had recently rescued could not be accommodated with my dogs, I needed a place to shelter her until i finished my house renovation and even built paddocks, and could move in with all my dogs. An employee of Rolda took my small female dog and said he could host her in the Rolda shelter. I gave him 40 RON for her care initially. I would call this employee every 3 weeks to ask him about my female dog.
6 months later I could finally move into the new house. So I was ready to take back the little female dog I had entrusted to Rolda. At the last call, 2 weeks previously, the Rolda employee had said all was ok with the dog. But now I could not reach him, he would never pick up.
So I found out Dana’s number and called her directly to ask about my little dog. She was like a brick wall, totally repulsive. She used terrible language with me. Anyhow, she finally invited me to the shelter to go look for my dog. I went to the shelter where there were hosted about 200 dogs. (my comments: Mirela thinks this large shelter – Mittal’s- is the Rolda shelter, she did not know about a smaller Rolda shelter).
Finally, Vasile, the Rolda employee I had given the little dog to, called me. I asked him: where is my little dog? He replied: We made her into salami. Then he passed the phone to Dana and Dana kept talking to me. That’s how the war started. I asked Dana how she allowed her employees to talk to people and behave like this… Dana talked to be terribly that time on the phone. The next day I went to the shelter to talk to these people and to try to get my dog. This time, they told me my little dog had been sent away through international adoptions. She promised she would send me pics of the dog, but she never did. Also, this one time when I went to the shelter, her employee Vasile tried to hit me.
There are rumors about Dana I have heard from serious, decent people in this city. They say Dana takes drugs and that she lives with men younger than her. Also, that employees sell the dog food from the shelter – 10 RON a whole bag of food. She also has a bodyguard at that shelter, interestingly enough. She is also known as a big liar.
She lives with her parents. I do believe she does take drugs- by her dilated eyes as she is talking to you and by her overall look.
Later, I went to another neutering campaign at Dr Gingarasu. I had 2 female dogs neutered. And then I was about to bring in a 3rd dog, but we needed a leash and my daughter went ahead to get a leash from the vet practice. Vasile was there and he recognized my daughter. When we finally brought in the 3rd dog for neutering, Dr Gingarasu sent us away- he did not want us there anymore, Vasile had talked to him. Abusive language used again on us.
When I was at the shelter back then looking for my dog- the dogs looked terrible. Very skinny, scared of people, and with wounds. As the employees were in the paddocks looking for my dog, these dogs would pee with fear when the employees would touch them. They were very skinny. Even the big ones were skinny.
Rumor has it here in Galati that she started her activity by helping Mr Cenac. She would supposedly go to his shelter, take pics of the dogs to promote them on the internet, but she would claim those were her dogs she was caring for, and get donations for them, that she did not share with Mr Cenac.
When I was at the shelter, she really treated me horrible. She even said to me: ” I am more beautiful than you.” She also said that many have tried to bring her down, but no one succeeded. She is sick and obsessed.
She says she does not have a car, yet she drives a Mitsubishi big car.
She also has a house in Smardan. Not at the shelter, but in the village. Rumor has it she also wants to build a pension there.
I have read that Rolda sends dogs to Bucharest, and from Bucharest they go abroad for adoption. Could you possibly send pics with such adopted dogs that Rolda sent? My dog was white, with eyeglass-shaped brown marks around her eyes. I’d like to see if she was truly sent for adoption like they claim.
She also talked horribly to a lady on FB, Cryss Anca.

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