Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dana Costins recent lies against RAR

Thanks to special donors (including some ROLDA’ supporters) , good things happened at Fiducia. A new block of kennels, some repairings, prepping for winter time.
I visited Fiducia shelter yesterday, 27 August and I was informed that:
- Despite promises coming from a US charity to send vets at the begining of August to spay all female dogs, nobody came.
I don’t mention this to hear more excuses or poor justifications/lies – I simply present this as an extreme emergency : the female dogs keep producing babies that are dieing because different kennel diseases like parvo or distemper.
- Mrs Lidia needs help to renovate more kennels and finish the small store house. This help can consists in money or building supplies and can be offered donating directly to Mrs Lidia/Fiducia or via ROLDA (for tax deductible donations for US donors) : visit the website and use the PayPal button or donate via Facebook cause application.
RAR Response – Romania Animal Rescue spayed/neutered 144 dogs at Fiducia Shelter on September 5 and 6.   Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Dr. Petrisor Stefan and the RAR team went to Fiducia shelter at the request of Ms. Lidia and Anca from Adapostul Fiducia.   The dogs at Fiducia were very skinny – some too skinny to do surgery on.   Some were also suffering from distemper.   Why hasn’t ROLDA sent vaccinations to Fiducia Shelter?   Why hasn’t ROLDA provided food for Fiducia?   ROLDA has a Causes page on Facebook to collect funds for Fiducia dogs, and is using a Direct Marketing Service provider, Paul Seigel, to generate funds for Fiducia Shelter from 25,000 of the best animal welfare donors in the United States.   The cost for hiring Mr. Seigel by ROLDA’s Dana Costin is $15,000 – $17,000 per year.   This must be a worthwhile venture for Ms. Costin or she would not pay this amount to a Direct Marketer.  Alternatively, $15,000 – $17,000 per year sure could help Ms. Lidia and the Fiducia dogs, were this really the intention of ROLDA and Dana Costin.

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