Thursday, 22 September 2011

Proves Dana is lying when she said she sent receipts to Nancy first and she sent them back to her!

--- On Fri, 8/11/06, Romania Animal Rescue <> wrote:
From: Romania Animal Rescue <>
Subject: information from Mr. Merritt Clifton
Date: Friday, August 11, 2006, 12:06 PM
From Nancy Janes to Merritt Clifton:
Those receipts cannot be assigned to you! You didn't do anything to pay them! I need to account
for the thousands of dollars that were withdrawn from the account in April and May. Those receipts
represent expenditures by OUR organization and are needed to substantiate our accounting for
The reason Ms. Dana now goes thru these receipts and marks them is because I told her she had
to stop submitting personal receipts to me - and those bills for her family.
I HAVE all these rejected receipts that I busted her on time and time again..
So, it's interesting to know she now goes thru them with a fine tooth comb.....didn't do that with
me - I guess she learned her lesson. I thought she was just too naive to figure out how do go thru
them and mark them correctly - too cunning is more like it.
How do you know if the receipts balance if you don't know how much money she took out of the
account in that time period?
Merritt Clifton <> wrote:
Merritt's responses to Nancy's email:
>When I realized Dana was having RAR pay for her personal things -
>clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfume, alcohol, etc.
She isn't. On the receipts which indicate purchases for both
animal work and personal use, she carefully designated which was
which. She missed a pack of gum once. That was the only error I
>Why won't you give me the receipts for the expenses?
Because they are not your property.
>I think it is illegal for you to keep those receipts, if in fact you
>have them, as RAR is entitled to them. You have no rights to them
RAR is not entitled to them; they are not yours.
I have the rights that were assigned to me by their owner.
They specifically excluded transferring them to anyone else.
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