Thursday, 22 September 2011


Apart from the animals themselves, Dana Costin also has left human victims in her wake. All sucked dry, under the guise of them donating to the animals she allegedly she cares for.

This dream character, this notion could not be further from the truth. She uses these contribution to fund her own lavish lifestyle, all paid for by compliments of the strays that rot away in her kennels, the ones who the money was donated to helpThe following list are testimonials and of events of just a fraction of the people Dana Costin has sucked dry. If you have been a victim of Dana Costin, please do contact us and share your experience providing evidence to confirm your testimonial.
The Victims
Nancy Janes – CEO of Romania Animal Rescue
Chrissy Phillips – Founder and CEO of Romania Animal Aid
Mr Cenac – Stray dog rescure and Shelter Manager
Mr A – Business man
Mayhew Animal Home – Stole donor list
Anja stein – and others who she refuses to take down thier copyright material
Also click here to see victims of her smear and slander campaigns

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