Thursday, 22 September 2011

Smear and Slander Campaigns – all to deflect attention from herself

Smear and Slander Campaigns – all to deflect attention from herself

Dana Costins first line of attack..Deflect,deflect,deflectDana Costins first line of attack is deflection, whether this is to try and ruin anothers life/their charity/organisation with lies and slander about them or drag up painful unjust events that happend in anothers life, Dana Costin is so vile that she happily sets up smear and slander campaigns to deflect the attention away from herself. When this doesnt work she threatens the very lives of the people who stand against her.

Dana Costin falsely accuses Nancy Janes (RAR) of paying Mr Cenac to make the testimonial video
Evidence disproving Dana Costins accusation of Nancy Janes RAR/RARF of $40,000 vanishing funds
Dana Costin’s most recent smear campaign stating RAR have let down a shelter on a neuter & spay campaign
Proves Dana is lying when she said she sent receipts to Nancy first and she sent them back to her!
Merrit refusing to send Nancy receipts to enable the cover-up of accountability for stolen donations
Dana Costin 21st August Slanderous statement
Dana Costin builds a slanderous website as soon as one of her collaborators tips her off about the collaboration to expose her
Danas sinister threats to ensure the public don’t find out about the MR A Con
Evidence disproving Dana Costins accussation that RAA of messing up a transport
Evidence disproving Dana Costin accusation of an RAA Member committed Forgery
Dana Costin hangs herself with her own lies time and time again
Dana Costins wholly slanderous site, produced to deflect the spotlight from her
Another wholly slanderous statement by Dana Costin after being prewarned about the construction of this site
Another Costin lie disproved, recently Dana has stated that Nancy spread lies about her being kidnapped. As can be seen here, it was not Nancy who spread such fantasy

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